Nice try!

today i took the opportunity to visit my new hometrack again. 2nd time i drive offroad and at this facillity, i am starting to grow in to it.

I tried my car with a setup i felt might be good, but i end up with too thin oil in the dampers as the car bottom out in every jump. 

But, i am new to this offroad thing, but i have read some and played around with setup on VRC PRO and could conclude that the setup was indeed too soft. My best laptime with setup one was 39,31. Not too shabby for my second time as on this track 4wd is about 1sec slower per lap than 1:8 buggy. And the lap record for 1:8 is by David Ronnefalk with 34,75.

Now, i am not that talented. But i gave it a shot. 

I decided to go one up in oil from TLR 25 in rear to 27,5 and 30 to 32,5 in front. This made the car a whole new car! It was amazing this time, it did everything right. On lap one i best my best time of 39,31 and made 37,78! That’s a huge improvement, and it should be pretty much on pace for a 1/10 4wd buggy. So i am very happy with this so far! But i have much to work on in terms of cornering speed, it’s really not good at all. 

So for next time, more corner speed on dirt, sligthly more top speed should produce 36 laptimes hopefully!

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