My car is not runable today, i was looking forward to practice today….. But instead i will watch MotoGP and practice VRC PRO!

I have been driving some VRC this week trying different classes, i am in the top seed in every class except ShortCourse 4wd, where i am currently P5. I have decided i will only run Modified classes in VRC PRO as i need that kind of practice more then stock practice, i will completely leave stock for a while and focus on modified.

 1/10 TC Modified:

  1/10 Truck Modified


 and i have to tell you how great it is to have practice opportunities at home! The best thing is that when i go to the track, i can put all my focus on the car and not my driving (as much) becuse i am honing my skills ingame. 

This week i have tried some off-road as well, practicing slowly for my outdoor season wich will mainly be 1/10 4wd buggy. Nearest track is a offroad track and i will go to that track as much as i can, like everyday!

As you can see, this track is 50% astroturf. So it should fit 1/10 scale pretty good, they even hosted a Swedish Outdoor cup for 1/10 electric classes and got great feedback! 

This is also my new club for 2016, so it will be fun to meet new people at this great facillity!

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