A Modified Sunday

Sun’s bright, white frosty trees and a calm chill outside. This morning was great as i put on my clothes on and take my first step outside. A strong breeze hit my face, but it didn’t change anything becuse it was a nice day to enjoy.

This start of the day is always nice and refreshing, and very common in Sweden during the colder seasons.

Today i tried some modified since my SSIC Series Win, and the fire from that race is still burning strong. With good concentration today i could drive fast and consistent. But i couldn’t video anything, hopefully pictures is enough.

This was how today’s runs looked like. Nothing special really, but i think theERYX 4.0 isnt any good at this track at all. I was driving really good today and how i ever drove the car just wouldn’t go below 10.679. I think this chassies is way to soft for this kund of super high, mega, ultra traction carpet. It seems to work better on lower grip carpets, and as the pro’s have told us it should work the best outdoors.

Hopefully that is true, becuse i won’t buy a new chassies when outdoor season is just around the corner!

For a reference, Viktor Wilck drove 10.311 with what i think is the same car, at the same track at SSIC opening race. Sure, i am not that far behind, but still not that close either in consistency.


I will use this car as long as possible, and like i said i hope it’s good outdoors on asphalt, Specially this one!

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