SSIC 15/16 Championship Winner is!?

YES! You guessed it! It’s me! 

I am so happy i can not explain how i feel, but after all struggle i have been through this season i am so proud i actually could do this. 

I have one blind eye so i can only see on one eye, i have trouble with my wrists called carpaltunnel syndrome, consistent headache everyday, and all this keeps on going with health issues and troubles. 

So this win is extremely special to me as it has been very hard and i wish all of my heart i can keep doing this. but if not, i actually achived something in my life. 

Since i knew i could start racing again in october, i prepared myself for practice the weekend before my first race. With some struggle to understand a car i had traded to get in my hands, i qualified 4th in my first race since early 2012. But somehow i could end 2nd with help from practicing VRC PRO at home, where i could get used to my transmitter and try my best to use what i have learned.

And 6 races later i am the 2015/2016 Touring 17.5 Blinky Champion! It has been a great journey making friends and meet old friends enjoy something we love to do both as a hobby and professionally.

In my class, wich was 17.5 Blinky, there where some hard fights between all A-Final drivers. Local drivers where very fast that had thousands of laps on this specific layout! I had to bring my A-game this weekend to even be close to win this race and eventually take home the championship with me. I did some testing last weekend and built myself a Serpent hybrid putting Eryx 4.0 shocks and towers on a s411 LE chassies. It was so fast it broke the 10 second wall and went into Modified territory!

Car was great, so i just waited for saturday when practice begins raceday morning. But in qualifying i felt the the grip level in the rear was very low. In theory grip level should go up during the day, but not in this case. My car was slippery in all Qualifying rounds. But somehow i could win the TQ despite only finishing 1 out of 3.
But i did experiment with tire sauce and i just added the time the sauce was applied to around 20min instead of 10.

This made the car so much better as you can see in A-2 Video below. Sligthly loose first couple of laps.

Tourring 17.5 Blinky

1.André Fossto

2.Matti Andersson

3.Mattis Järgren

Like i have written i posts before there was some great drivers attending this race, such as Marc Fischer, Viktor Wilck, David Ehrbar and Swedish Champion Markus Hellquist who crushed them all!
Such an amazing feat by Markus to take this victory amongst some of the greatest drivers in the world!

Modified Touring Results

1.Markus Hellquist

2.Marc Fischer

3.Viktor Wilck 

David Ehrbar drove in Formula 1 class, and there we had our own legendary driver Thomas Andersson completely smashing David at his own game. Thomas was easily the fastest among these two, and Thomas did actually bring his own designed F1 car. All i can say, it looked like an amazing piece of art when he was driving it.
So in F1 it was chassies designer vs another (fast ones) unfortunatley for use Swedes Thomas had some bad luck in all his finals with lapped cars and they crashed. But everyone could see that he was faster!

Formula 1 Results

1.David Ehrbar

2.Thomas Andersson

3.Nils Holmström


This championship is so special to me as described in the begining of this post entry, it has been a huge battle both physically and mentally.

i Want to thank my sponsors for their support in this dream coming true, #Hobbywing Sweden

and also a big thanks to everyone that support me on and off track! Thank you everyone!

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