I am race ready!

I am sorry for not writing so much, but i try to keep updating as often as i can!

But today i practiced my last time before next weekends big event, SSIC championship finals! I am so excited after todays practice and for the race itself!

Some big names will be there and i think it will be amazing to see top pro’s on Swedish land. I will try to video as much as i can!

I will race for the championship as i am the leader in Stock class and two other great racers that fight for the overall win. Asi said, today i had some real practice and both mod and stock car performed amazing as i set new laprecord in stock by 0.2 of a second! I am so happy with this and my car performs great! No laprecords with the mod car as i struggled to find my own driving style. But as soon as i found it my car just stopped, no power at all. So probably some connection problems in esc or something like that.

But setup wise i am happy with my mod car and it felt very stable. Going from 550 oil in rear and 500 oil front, it gave the car a soft feeling but still much steering and very stable car. I can post a setup layer this week, i belive this was the best setup so far on carpet for me! Stay tuned for that if you struggle with setup on the new Serpent 4.0.

I will write more this week and setup on the way!


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