VRC PRO is amazing & other things!

When i first tried VRC Pro i got stuck right away! It was so nice to finally be able to practice from home and less money spent for trips and trackfees. 

That is one of many benefits VRC Pro have. You maybe know that they have a great competition system with weekly and monthly races. They bring a lot of fun and help to drive under pressure. Those that race these events hold very high standard and extremely fast. Some of them are pro drivers from different classes and they always show great pace!

Well, they have races quite often. But i decided to try some coverage of VRC Pro to get more people to atleast try it and appreciate how great it is to stay home a random thursday and put down some laps.

But that i will do in my next post. Speaking of races, 5 March there will be a EPIC (hopefully) race! Pro drivers such as Viktor Wilck, Marc Fischer and Swedish Champion Markus Hellquist will Join! Wow, that is a great lineup! 

Cant wait for this race as i will also race for  the Stock class Championship title, i am extremely excited to even have a chance to win it! I have never been quite competative in r/c before so that might give you perspective of my view on this chance 😀



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