Bigger wheel…..

i was playing around on VRC tonight and thought, why not try to get vrc more realistic? So i turned throttle and steering 25% to more sensitive then standard. Wow, it felt very different, but in my opinion more realistic feeling. 

So i tried this, but i had a hard time with the sections were you needed to be extra smooth. And that in the steering. I wonder why, i remember that was what i was thinking, i cant be this bad??? Well, soon i remember there was a extra wheel included with the Sanwa m12 transmitter.

Well, i thought i did have the bigger wheel on my transmitter already, but nope, i had the small one! 

I gave the bigger wheel a try, so smooooth! My driving was transformed, steering was perfect for my, the precision. This was great, the so called “realistic sensitivity” i used in vrc just got neutralized and felt even better then before. And now i am starting to think that my bad results in modified might have been partially the wheels fault, i just couldnt get a good feeling at him speeds where i needed this smoothness. 

I did measure both wheels, and amazingly enough it was almost half a centimeter diameter between these two, that can make a huge difference!

So i hope i can try my new findings on Sunday in reality, and maybe get that smoothness and control i want and need. 

What a difference small things can do 😀

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