SSIC Tomelilla Rd.5 

Here it is, latest racereport!

I arrived Friday night beliving i will have a hard time with the setup of this track.

Whole night i was focusing on setup, First i tried my setup i had. It was ok for now so i drove one more time as the grip level went up. And this time i the car had to much steering in the high speed right out onto the straight. So going from my ltc-r i tried mazda 6 GX and dodge dart. I end up with the dart once again. So i go with that one and continue with my twitching problem in high speed.

As the chassies being flexy, i thought i could try this top deck below

This solved my problem, but now the car understeer to much. So now i need to focus on how to get more steering.

In practice i was quite happy as i was 4th seeding and it looked like it was going very well, but as soon qualifying start it all went down! Looking at qualifying now i should have been able to make a 5th or 4th, but i make a huge mistake in q2 wich would end up my best qualifying round.

I end up with a pretty weird but, ok setup all the way to q2 on saturday. But now after the race i realise i went the wrong way in my thinking. Everyone had really much rear grip, where i was struggling with it. And despite trying my best improving rear grip i couldnt make it happen even how i tried. But i realised this before the final 1 started, i had to do my best here and not go home with even worse results. 

Conclusion of this weekend, i am very happy to try so many different ways to approach setups. And it feels like i learned so much this weekend. It was very valuable to me, and i realised flaws in driving and setup knowledge. Sure, end result of 7th place was very disapointing, but, end of the day it was very good day to learn as much i could!

Next time, hopefully can improve both driving and setup. Much more testing is in front of me in the future!

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