Sanwa SRG-BLS Ver.2 Review!

So, here it is, the latest review by me. This time it is another beast of equipment that has taken the industry by storm!

Sanwa SRG-BLS Ver.2 is on paper not greater then other servos on the market, but it have some things that others dont have that makes it very good!


There is a special feature in Sanwa’s products called SSR. 

SSR is a mode in the latest products from Sanwa that makes the connection between transmitter-receiver and Servo or ESC to perform amazing response time, making your model feel amazingly connected to you and your input.

This makes your driving very smooth, less twitchy, neutral and natural! I myself felt a huge improvement going from Savöx to Sanwas servo. 


Many pro drivers use this servo or very sinilar to it. And that is not becuse they are sponsored, it’s becuse it is the best euiqipment out there and you need it to stay competative on the highest level. Dont forget that racing cars have always been a material sport, and what you drive make you a winner or a looser on that level of competition.

I use SRG-BLS Ver.2 in my modified car, and from using Savöx best performing servo, i will probably never go back to Savöx.

But, there are other brands that can use this SSR mode, one of them is Highest Servos. So this mode isnt exclusive to Sanwa.


PLUS ++++ You should only buy this Servo if you already own a Sanwa transmitter and receiver that can use SSR mode. If not, this servo will perform as good as any other servos out there.

Price: +++ It was pricy, but i dont regret it after testing it the first time.

Feeling: +++++ I have never felt this connected to a r/c car. It was an amazing experience and cant wait to drive more. With other servos i had to turn up steering expo to about -15 to get better feeling, otherwise it was too twitchy for me. It actually became more fun to drive to drive with this new servo!

Economy: + Now, i can be wrong here. But before i order this servo, i searched google like a crazy person. But i could not find any spareparts specially for Ver.2. I could find shop that sold spares for Ver.1, but i am not sure if it contains the same gears inside as Ver.2 

So my low rating on this is motivated by lack of spares anywhere i can find.

I am really satisfied with it, and i will only drive servos that can handle SSR from now on!

Strongly recomend it, but be aware if you cant find spares, try to use composite steering arms to prevent breaking the gears inside!

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