Raceday complete!

I am very satisfied with this day! Woke up early to be at the track 7-ish during the one hour free practice before the timed practice starts.

With some kind of homebrew setup based on the knowledge from my 3 runs last weekend i went really rogue! Taking parts from Xray and blending them with Serpent stuff.

The result was suprisingly good!

My setup looked like this


While this setup is not optimal, it worked for this race atleast at this small track.

What i noticed doing two classes was the short time i had to get used to a new car again. But it got easier with time, but i only had like 40 minutes between each class so the time was a factor today.

But in the end i am really happy with a 6th in modified class. And this is made by a completely new car wich isnt made for carpet racing and there is no setup base out there to go too, please comment if you have any questions about the car and maybe why i did some things to it that no pro drivers did.

Conclusion of the day, Win in 17.5 Blinky, 6th in Modified, happy driver 😀

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