Raceday tomorrow!

i have so much to do until they are finished, hopefully i will get them ready in time :S

Last time i had a premiere run with the new ERYX 4.0. It went ok, but very little tracktime. This race on saturday i will attend 2 classes at once, Modified and Stock 17.5 blinky.

Modified is the new class for me, and hopefully i can get the setup somewhat good until tomorrow. I already know it is inpossible to win this race becuse the Cup leader in Mod Daniel Carlsson is the homedriver of this track, and last year he beat the Swedish Champion Markus Hellquist by 4 seconds in Qualifying. So he probably wont get beaten this time either way by anyone…….

I have a 5.5 motor on the way, it will arrive today. I think the car will be much more easy to drive then a 4.5 motor on this small track.

Funny thing is, in Stock the track feels huge, but in Mod the track feels so small that i feel like i cant full throttle anywhere expect on the straight! So, there is a big difference here! But, also another thing i noticed is that throttle control in Mod feels more natural then in Stock, so if you look at it like that, modified class is probably slightly easier to drive. But drive fast is a whole other story!

Either way, i think it will be a action packed day with lots of errors and challenges, cant wait!

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