First run with the 4.0!

So finally i have built and tested my first Touring car kit! It was a long way, but if i wanted perfection i needed to put in the time!

First battery pack and new tires and new everything. I could get a good laptime straight away during the first couple of laps. So far i am impressed!

The car feels stable but still too much steering and quick response for my liking. For next pack i put on 1.2 roll bar instead of 1.4. Made the car slightly slower in response and a little better rear traction.

Thats pretty much all setup i did this practice day, The rest of the time went into learning my car and what to look out for. 

The servo saver screws loosend and i put a small dot locktite on them. But very little so you dont get any on the bearings.

Also the spurgear got loose somehow and was very floppy, it seems lije a besring broke and made the whole spurgear setup cringle and squeek during driving. Car was heavy on throttle and sometimes even brake in corners and straights.

I crashed a couple of times until i realized what was wrong with the car as described above. I hit the wall when the car suddenly brakes and become quite undrivable, But the only things that broke twice was the servo arm, and one driveshaft blade went missing. But aside from that the car seems very sturdy.

So the first test of the car was impressive driving wise, But it have some starter problems so i couldnt focus on setup as much. As i wanted. But i had a good start setup so it was very driveable. 

Some things i did to my car:

Shocks: 450cst f/r , std springs, 10,75mm shock axle, and as little rebound possible.Everything else is pretty much the same as the setup in the manual.


Pros about the car: 

Sturdy, much steering(if you want that), nice build fit, cheaper then other brands.


Baby problems that needs a fix. Spurgear coming loose, servo saver needs locktite, setup, watch out for front plastic drive blades as they easily break.


Next time i will change to 5.5 motor instead of 4.5 (very small tracks here in sweden)to make the car easier to drive, change oils in shocks and diff 6000 or 7000 to get more drive out of corners and make the car slightly easier to drive.

Race this coming weekend, So until next time!

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