Finally Serpent ERYX 4.0!

To start off, A big thanks to Klas at for sending me this kit to try out!

Initially, it’s not a big difference from the 3.0 kit, but there are some changes here and there.  

A view of the different bags and carbon parts. I choose to use the 2.25mm carbon chassie and not the aluminium one. According to Klas, he thought the carbon would be better choice to gain more traction overall. I guess we have to test it this weekend already!

Today i have been wrenching away like crazy, And what changes i can see in standard kit is bigger volume shocks. But standard ERYX shocksprings will fit with no problem. 

Standard is regular HARD wishbones, but i got some EXTRA HARD wishbones and installed them right away. Note that these wishbones have a very tight fit into the axles that holds them. They should be this way and dont trim them to move more freely. But you need sligthly smaller spacers between the wishbones and the axle holders. The arms should be able to move free without you needing to take your strength into super saijayin mode!

Otherwise the kit is pretty straight forward and common sense in building touring cars.

The schocks are a dream to build. You dont need to do anything to make everything fit. My choice of oil was Kyosho 450 silicon oil. I did struggle with the rebound on these schocks. I could not get under 40% rebound even if i tried very hard to get 0% rebound. So if anyone have any tips on how to get less rebound, plese leave me a comment!

But i will try this schock setup and some basic setup from petitrc that Marc Fischer have uploaded, he aswell have the Carbon chassies.

Before Friday i will hopefully have a 100% ready car and and i will go more into detail on more things during these coming days!

If you want more ERYX 4.0, keep updated! ;D

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