I guess i found why i’m not cosistent?

i was cruising around yesterday on vrc pro and wondered why i am less cosistent then my competators. 

I just couldnt find a feeling, especially for the throttle. And i think i have a smaller issue in reality with my Serpent s411 also with the feeling of the car. But way more in vrc pro i find it very difficult to have a good throttle control.

But today, i think i found one possible answer, and that is that i haven’t turned on the highest setting SHR or SSR(sanwa super response) for servo and ESC. 

I found this becuse i just got a new receiver ,rx471, and read the instruction manual again. I realised that, when i got my Sanwa m12 i didnt own any brushless or sanwa servo/ESC. So i didnt turn this SHR on. But now when i tried it in the simulator it actually felt more real even my car is quite much analog in reality.

But, i activate this SHR and it felt more natural, i could be cosistent and even faster then before! It was amazing! I am still pretty new to all these new things since i drove rc last time!

So much to learn! But hey, i love it tho!


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