Extra hard wishbones V2!?

I got the opportunity to try these v2 wishbones on my older s411 car, and after a chat with Klas at Hobbyprodukter.com he suggested i give them a try.

At first they gave me way to much grip for my liking, i wanted a looser rear end. But these made so much grip on second run that i even grip rolled! Wich for me is very new! I was stunned, how can it produce so much grip?

So i had to change a few things on my car, not much, but a little here and there to fine tune it. But after a couple of horrible test runs,that was terrible, i could finally settle on one setup i liked somewhat!

Here is a video of my car more settled and no grip rolls!

The extra hard wishbones front/rear produced way more grip then the hard ones. More steering, more rear grip and the car corners more flat then before. The car feels very stable at high speed, but can feel a little twitchy at times.

Despite this track being much smaller and grippy, i think this setup will help me on other tracks where i actually had trouble finding reasonable grip.

So now you know all Serpent fans out there, if you have a s411 with bad grip, try these: Serpent Wishbones V2 !

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