Reflecting on VRC-PRO as a simulator.

well, to be honest it goes pretty well despite my lack of practice in the virtual world!

But one thing i have noticed quite recently, is that vrc pro doesnt reflect real world performence. Dont get me wrong here, vrc pro is a perfect place to master the control of the rc car becuse vrc pro dont allow any mistakes in your racing lines. 

If you miss your line, you will with 90% flip over and lose a lot of time! But in the real world you can make mistakes, but still be on your wheels, or even benefit from it in some cases!

This simulator is restrictive in many ways for example setup. You just cant setup the car exactly you like, you will hit problems like overhating that leads to cut-off and other problems that might relate to your driving style!

For me, my driving style is very full on attack and not very precision based, and i have noticed that in real world it works really well becuse i can just fend off my mistake and still work atound it. As shown in my previous races it actually works. But in vrc pro, a driver with extreme precision and mistake free driving will win almost every time.

I know a driver that have that driving style where you almost benefit from your mistakes and also drive vrc pro, David Ronnefalk.

David have this unique style in reality where it looks like he makes mistakes some laps or just hit different lines through a corner. Thats just his way of driving and it is very effective! But, in vrc pro, its very hard to convert his amazingly cool driving style effective in the game. Dont get me wrong, he is extremely talented, but this is the reality of this virtual world.

So really, if you have this type of driving, i guess real world r/c is your way to drive to your fullest potential! Vrc pro still might be a great tool to work on the lines and to perfect you precision even more anyway! 

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