What an epic weekend!

A great R/C weekend is sadly over 😦

We folks that love r/c demand more action every weekend, but truth to be told, this weekend was epic!

The ETS Series was up and running live and wow, what a race! In modified it was Völker vs Reinhard all weekend while in the shadows Jan Ratheisky brings the hammer for a showdown hard to forget! Taking TQ in both Touring Stock and Formel 1 class! Also driving modified in the B-Final, what a guy!

At this time i myself made a visit to my nearest track for some real life practice and i found my two rivalries Matti and Jonas. They are two super fast dudes and at their hometrack they were really fast! And also determined to beat me next race i January!
Sadly i crashed once and had to change to a spare part, but luckily i have my friend Klas at Hobbyprodukter.com where i live, he helps me with spare parts for my quite old Serpent car!

I made some setup progress this weekend and the car is really good at the moment. But to get even better, Klas at Hobbyprodukter.com suggested to change for harder wishbones, so i will try it out next time at this track! Hopefully the car is even better with that! Apparently Viktor Wilck use these extra hard wishbones to get more steering and more rear grip at the same time, something i actually need! 

Thanks again Klas at Hobbyprodukter.com and Hobbywing for your support! It means alot and i will not disappoint you!

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