Such awesome weekend!

Filled with laughs and joy!

Some of the best raceweekends so far! The track is probably one of the biggest indoor  track i have ever driven on! Racetrack for Round 3 of SSIC looks like this!

Before the race i had some problems with my shock absorbers that leaked oil after each stroke it made. So i had to rebuild them. While that helped i realised pretty early that my shocks are not good enough for the real competition that’s in front of me.

So without a sponsor for a chassie’s brand. I wont buy a new chassie until next indoor season or shocks for that matter 😀

So onto qualifying. My approach was very defensive into Q1, but could end the qualifying in Q2 and not even finish Q3 to save my euqipment for the finals. In Sweden we normaly have 3 qualifying sessions and pick the best one to determine our starting position.

Final 1, i start safe, i drove just so i could keep the distance down to P2 that made a mistake after 3 laps. After that i tried to spread my gap and could take the A1 win!

Final 2, i had the same approach as A1 in the opening laps. But could shake P2 off, so i had to push a little. I made a small mistake, but not enough for P2 to pass me, but luckily he made a mistake at the same time.

Taking the win after 2 rounds made me really happy! I got many congratulations and some people even told me straight up they where extremely impressed by my progress, and that made a fire light in me and i got a feeling to try even harder next time to be on the limit in each corner, every time i hit the track at the races!

Thank you very much for this weekend ofcourse many thanks to my sponsors, Hobbywing and !

And i could not do this without my wife’s support ❤


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