VRC-Pro world championships 2015!

This years Worlds in the very cool Vrc-pro simulator have begun!

They have different classes and the latest of them all is 1:8th electric buggy! Like you know, i have played this sim since august. But with less time nowdays i rarely have time for vrc, so i take the car to the track instead. 

I do notice my lack of practice, but at the same time i would never be able to win a race like i did last race without vrc one month before the race!

Now, the VRC Worlds will bring some top names like Martin Wollanka, David Ronnefalk and others that i dont know about yet. 

The worlds for each class will be approx 2 weeks from start until end.

I will only compete in electric classes, and use this worlds as a practice tool and benchmark and try my hardest to be ready for my next race wich is this weekend!

If anyone have any questions regarding VRC Pro, dont be afraid to ask, just leave a comment for this post and i will answer as fast as i can!

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