First time 4wd Buggy!

yesterday i was eager to try out offroad, so i went to Furulund RCK in southern sweden to tru their track!

I was surprised in a positive way how nice the track look!


Was pretty fast to learn the attributes in offroad and could drive alongside some of the more experienced drivers here. Despite not having tires that give me full grip level on this track i was very happy with my practice here!

I noticed how different it was to jump and learn to not turn to much in the air!

There will be a race held here quite soon, so i will get some practice IF i decide to race here. 

My setup however was lacking in every way. My setup is was to soft and too much understeer. I need thicker oil, harder springs, different roll bars, new better tires, and some esc setup is required to even come close to the laprecord holders!


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