First win!

Round 2 of SSIC Cup is over, and the winner is me! I am so excited over this result! 

My qualifying was okey, but i felt i could do better. One thing i have to complain about is the tires, volante 28. Very strange grip pattern and very different grip for every lap. 

So i had to try different setups for every time i went out on track, wich is very strange in my opinion. And what others told me, they got the same problem with the tires.

But, in the end i could take the top qualifier spot! 

Leg 1 of mains start was good, but after a couple of laps the tires went completely nuts! I was spinning like a crazy person and lost first place down to second! But i could tame the beast in the end. And in the last two laps i could make a crazy pass and we went side by side into a chicane! But i could keep my cool, and hold my line wich gave me the first place in leg 1!

In the end i could grab the WIN of Round 2 of SSIC cup! I am very excited for next race!

Until next race i will switch sides from onroad to offroad 4wd! More to come from that!


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