It was O.K!

first race in 4 years! It was a blast! 

At the start of the day until the last qualification it was a horrible start of the day!

So much went wrong, setup and my driving was horrible. Add also that my car had difficulties to apply to the rules by being too low ride height and not the regulated minimum weight.

But in the end i could get my car really good in the last qualification and bring confidence in 4th place in the finals.

Starting 4th, i get good starts every final. I managed a 2nd in first final of 3. In final 2 i had less luck by getting hit and tossed everywhere down to 7th place. But by hard work and determination i could get 3rd, but on last lap i made a mistake and end up 4th in the 2nd final.

My goal was a podium, becuse i started 4th and the points from previous finals, i thought if i got the 3rd place in this final i could get 3rd overall if  i could pass the 3rd qualifier man.

Well, my mission wasnt according to plan. It went even better! Becuse 2nd qualifier made a mistake, i could pass him too, i got 2nd overall!

Crazy happy with my day, and i came to realize that my car wasnt up to date when others had to brake on the straights to not crash into me! And that i should have practiced more and prepare more for the race. And my start of the day was enough proof that i should have done more to make it easier for myself!

Thanks Hobbywing for great products, worked wonders all weekend and thanks VRC PRO for helping me get fastest laptime of the day!

Also huge thanks to my wife for supporting me and that owl she knitted for me ❤ 

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