First practice done!

While having trouble shipping some parts from the r/c shop, a friendly fellow racer lend me some stuff so i could get my practice wothwhile!

I started with the 1/10 TC car that have a 17.5t motor and Hobbywing 3.1 esc with blinky mode activated.

My first run was okay, right away i felt comfortable with the car and track. Despite my lack of real practice, i felt VRC PRO have really helped a lot! 

My Touring car was quite bad the first runs, but some setup changes made the car quite okey. I could keep up with modified cars on the infield, so it felt good!    

Next was to try my 1/10 4wd buggy, it’s like a crazy beast unleashed! Not the fastest motor, 6.5t, but it was so crazy fun. It was so different to drive and fun compared to the TC. I think i prefer buggy in this case, i have tried 2wd before, but 4wd is much more fun in my opinion! 

My laptimes was as fast as other modified cars with this car. It could be faster with some major setup changes(wich i will do until next time) than it was today, Exciting!

A great day, and more to come!

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