Summer update!

i will keep on with this blog, and so far it is doing well!

Like i said in my previous post, i plan on making a comeback into real racing. And i am practicing VRC PRO like a crazy person!

I have almost tried all classes and got podiums in everyone so far. It feels great to finally be able to practice, thats the thing i actually missed the most while i was active in real competitions. 

I got to says, even if i havent driven for real for a long time, it feels like i am better in real too. I mean, there are pro drivers in VRC, and they are the ones that are dominating the tracks online as well! So if anyone can keep up with these, they are probably very fast in real also. 

At the moment i have a good run in the electric truck class in first position. Finals will be soln and hopefully i can manage the win in the end. 

I am still learning a lot about myself, the radio and the cars, i dont expect me to even fight for podiums yet. But sofar it has gone well and hopefully get better at this!



//Until next time!

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