Sanwa M12 review!

Hello everyone!

Thought I’d give myself into unknown territory, to write a review!

The chosen one is Sanwa / Airtronics recent newcomer M12.
It is available to purchase for 3.895kr (about 550$usd) in Sweden.

This is Sanwas latest and will be a start of a new generation of transmitters.

I went and picked up the transmitter and was a little odd, the package weighed barely anything. So i had a little peek to see if there was something in!There was.

If you’re familiar with The “Beast Sanwa M11”, it is a bit heavier!


Nice design on the box transmitter sent in.


The first layer is the manual and some stickers.


Second layer is those different setting adapters included. More on that later.


Senpai M12. (Senpai in Japanese means “older, bigger, more experienced”)


Now it is completely standard out of the box.


Here are those adapters and settings that follow.

With these, you can adjust the angle of the steering wheel, move the throttle lever sideways, larger steeringwheel, thicker handle and the tiny RX-471 receiver.

RX-471 receiver does not support telemetry, but if you want telemetry measuring temperatures so it’s RX-461 receiver you’ll get. The transmitter is the same for both variants.

The first thing I did was to remove the wheel and rotate it away from me with dropdown adapter. Very easy to do and everything feels very well thought out.
What you need to drop down the mod are:
Phillips screwdriver.
2nd one 7.0mm nut driver.
Follow all instructions in the manual.

The transmitter has infinite settings to suit everyone and everything is well thought out and built.
So it’s only time until you get what you want.

Tech Talk!
The transmitter has a built-in 2.4 GHz module, the antenna is not visible.
The module has a response time of 0.09milliseconds! Response time refers to how long it takes for the transmitter to send their signals to the receiver that sits in the car.

For some this may be too fast or too sensitive. For some it might be perfect.

The menus are easy to understand. However, it is very many menus to learn. But with time, you learn.

The exterior!
In the menu you scroll your way around on a wheel, on this wheel you can press ENTER. As a computer mouse scroller.

Steering wheel foam is very comfortable and easy to grip.
The throttle lever is a bit wider than its predecessor, the M11, but it is much more comfortable. You get a firmer feel. They have also made it less fit for the finger better.
The weight of the transmitter is very balanced and rests very comfortably in the hand.

And the weight is very low.



Price: + + +
The price is quite juicy, but you really get what you pay for!

Feeling: + + + + +
The response time makes the driving experience something unique. It feels like you’ve missed something in the past. You feel one with the car really.

Economy: + + + + +
Battery life is really good, it lasts a long time. Requires only 4 AA batteries!

Adjustments: + + + + +
You can adjust everything!

HORSE: + + + + +
The transmitter contains 0% horse.

Battery holder: — —
It’s much harder to get on the cover than most transmitters out there.
The battery is located and rattles when it is properly set in the battery holder.

I’m super happy with my purchase, and it’s probably the best transmitter anyone can get in a few years. I recommend it highly to everyone! The feeling is something completely unique and wonderful.

Thanks for me and hope you liked my review!

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