Blog: Practice and VRC pro 2nd!

Hey all!

Tomorrow i will have a small trip to Hawaii and……………Naauw, I will have a trip to a place called Skillingaryd in Sweden. No tropical heat here……..But we have! no, we dont………

Well, i havent practiced since January. And last time was 1/10 2wd buggy. I feel i have to practice offroad more becuse i have driven offroad just 3 times. But last time i drove i felt more confident going into the jumps.

I am mainly a onroad racer, but with lack of onroad tracks nearby. My only choice was offroad.

I also have practiced VRC Pro, And i have already 2 third positions and 1 second. I have been racing against world champions and european elite drivers and champions. They are crazy fast! But, hey, it is really a good training tool!



I will try make my girlfriend film some driving tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well hehe. She will be driving also, so she might not film hehe.

Until then, Bye!

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