Nordics 2013 In Sweden, Tires Confirmed!

I was strolling around the internet, and found some news!
It was some news for the Nordic Championship 2013!
This year it will be held in Höör, south Sweden.

For you people that dont know what Nordics is. It is a competition where drivers from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark gathers and fight for who is the fastest in these countrys combined!

The classes are 2WD and 4WD 1/10 Offroad buggy.

The track looks very good and very difficult.


The tires they will use are
2WD – optional foam Inserts
Front: Free
Rear: Proline Bow-tie 2,2 M3

4WD -optional foam Inserts
Front: Proline Crime Fighter 4WD front M3
Rear: Proline Bow-tie 2,2 M3

Seems like a good choice!
Registration is not opened yet, so we have to wait for that one.

Some Superstars like David Ronnefalk, Otto Ausfelt, Niclas Månsson and Oskar Levin will probably be there and fight for the WIN!



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