Trinity sues ROAR!

Wow, big news! Trinity takes the next step after getting denied by ROAR!

It is with great regret that I must inform the racing community that lawsuits have been filed against ROAR this morning the 26th day of February 2013 in the State of Florida. Case CA1397616W and ROAR and Plaintiffs to appear before Judge Dickey for resolution. A class action suit pending involving TrinCorp, EAM Fantom Motors and Putnam Propulsion is now in place with the Court system and will have to be defended.

We as a group have done everything in our power to negotiate with ROAR asking for a time period for new specifications using this new protocol testing to allow time for manufacturers and consumers to adjust to their new protocol yet using the same vague rules but we were denied! Our goals are to protect our good names and our customer base from purchasing new motors for a season that has not ended due to the precocious and what we feel irresponsible behavior of ROAR to change the testing protocol which has been used for over 30 years, terminate both independent labs, keep a rule with no maximum tolerance listed in the rule and be arrogant enough to still leave it as is have left us no alternative at all than to allow a fair and equitable court system to decide the fate of all involved with the D3.5 17.5 its customers both National and International and its race organizers and promoters.

We look forward to a reasonable and quick decision by the Court so we can all get back to enjoy racing the way it should be. We also hope that the Executive Committee of ROAR can see and understand the misfortunes of this case and the wrongful action by a select few of their own and rectify this situation as quickly as possible to restore the independent and equitable atmosphere ROAR should exhibit to all its members and affiliates will ultimately restore the confidence again to the buying public. It is obvious that ROAR holds a great responsibility not only in rule making but also in confidence for consumers to purchase products on their approval which is why rescinding an approval after 10 months (when there was no change in the motor) for the personal gain of some of its directors and or manufacturers they are aligned makes the action of ROAR so profound and must be heard in a court of law!

By Provetti


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More to come all!

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