Blinky stock classes!


A very snowy Friday here in Nässjö, Sweden!
During that, there is a hot topic on RSB forums about why or why not to change stock from 17.5 boost to 13.5 blinky.
Now, some arguments are about easier to drive, better throttle feeling and probably easier overall for beginners and old geezers.

Today in MSEC they have 17.5 boost stock class while in SSIC they have blinky 17.5 for beginners. The beginner class unfortune, the class havent gained more people. It is the opposite. But the MSEC 17.5 boost class have almost all drivers from last year and even gained some.

In my opinion maybe change from 17.5 to 13.5 blinky is the right direction?
I cant really say why, but i encourage the two indoor touring cup’s to make changes for touring classes exposure and secure the touring class future. Becuse right now it is 1:10 buggy that is winning the fights!

What are your thoughts?
Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Blinky stock classes!

  1. Det måste vara enkelt att börja tävla i 1:10 Touring stock, betyder det 13,5T Blinky så kör på det.
    Och tydligen körs ju 13,5T Blinky internationellt oxå.

  2. Testat både 17.5T Boost och 13.5T Blinky.
    13.5T Blinky har “17.5T Boost” farten men den underbara enkelheten, slipper jaga senaste programvaran och följande brända motorer.

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