Year 2012 review!

Hey all! It has been a very long time since last time! I have been very busy this year. Work, racing, apartment etc. But now it´s time for some more writing!

This time i will write atleast once per week!

2012 was an amazing year, with alot of stuff going on. I got to race real cars, rc cars and started racing in a new class!

To start with RC racing year 2012. In february i started racing again. A year after i raced last time. I traveled to Karlstad to participate in MSEC. My first time racing in MSEC Cup and it went okey. I had only had a training session at Växjö MS indoor track before i went to Karlstad. I ended up 8th total and was very satisfied! didnt think i would do that well against such competition MSEC offers.


Next race was in Gothenburg in the SSIC series, And there i TQ the qualifying and Won the race! My first win in 1:10 TC Stock class. Very happy with that and i was getting back my motivation!
So, couple of months later i bought a 1:10 Off road 2wd buggy. Never to driven off road i thought, why not try new things and gain more experience? Also, i only have about 60km to my nearest indoor track and 30km to nearest outdoor track that suits 1:10 off road.

a couple of training outdoors with the buggy it was time for indoor racing. Now, it feels like i was learning a new class once again. Very different drive off road indoors and outdoors. But very fun also!

This fall i was attended in 2 races in off road. Went OK. But more practice is needed, the JUMPS!! It´s so annoying when i dont know what to do, but i got some help from some pro drivers like Otto Ausfelt and Andreas Edvinsson to improve my driving and setup skills. Also my Girlfriend did help me out when she noticed pro drivers driving and how they approched corners and jumps. After she told me, i was driving 1sec faster with my best lap.

So, in RC racing the year 2012 have been busy, fun, experience gaining and getting new friends!


In September i was using one of my birthday presents, and that was to race a real race car at a cone track. Extremely fun, and also a good way to show how good training racing games like Gran Turimso is for your driving. Now, this was my first time racing a car at a track and i was very nervous. Especially when i heard who the other drivers was. They where pro rally drivers and kart drivers! All of them! I really felt like an outsider in this gang……… Never to have raced in a car i took my first spin. Now, very nervous, i put in first gear, second, full throttle! I browned my pants….. This car was so much faster then any car i have driven! 0-100 in about 5.5 sec i think. And wow, it was fast. But i was focusing on the driving. Only to have 8 laps to put in my best laptimes. My first run was my best 46.690. Now i couldnt get in second gear before some corners. and there i lost alot of time. But i didnt think i would gain more then 3seconds maybe. The best laptime for the others was And wow, that was really fast 😛 It was the rally driver with 15 years of rallying leading first run.

The second run, and it was my turn. my first lap was 42.00 and i felt it was ok, i could now get in second gear. AWESOME! next lapwas 40.88. Now, i am really closing in on the others. Next was 40.73 id didnt push much harder this run, i was just driving diffrent lines. Now last lap. It is fast….. i was driving agresssive, and got good speed through the corners. My best laptime was 39.96! Now, this puts me second amongst 10 pro drivers! Now, i was so happy becuse when i did this lap i was actually leading! I couldnt belive it. i felt like a world champ really! hahaha!

we did film this. Here is the video.


Also, i just started racing in VRC PRO. a week ago i did some laps with 1:12 spec class and made top 9 of all time on Bangkok WC track. With a xbox 360 controller, not really ultimate. But it works for now until i get my VRC adapter.


So, that was 2012. I am looking forward to 2013 and i hope it will be even better!

Happy new year and Cya!!

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