Hagberg takes ETS WIN in Polen!

Picture by Redrc.net

Alexander Hagberg, the new star from sweden is making epic races with thrilling passes! This huge talent have finally made his face well known in the industry world wide this year!

Alexander Hagberg won yesterday his first ETS race and wow, what a race! Almost hit Freddy Sudhoff couple of times he made a clean pass and tracked down Ronald Völker.

As some maybe know Ronald Völker took the overall TQ in qualifying, with Freddy Sudhoff 2nd and Alexander Hagberg 3rd. Also worth mention is Magnus Vässmar qualifying for 4th. The swedish driver was the man of the race. Almost unknown in the top 10 and he just showed all that he got serious speed.

Qualifying ahead of World Chamipon Marc Reinhard, who was not satisfied with his pace, The swedish driver said he will just have some fun. Yeah right Magnus 😉

After Hagberg´s win after win we are very proud to announce that sweden got some of the best drivers in the world. Probably one of the best starting fields in national races over the world……

Amazing stuff i tell you! Congratulations Hagberg, Wilck, Vässmar, Niclas Nilsson (17th) and Daniel Carlsson(32) For great results!!

A small video here by redrc.net:

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