EOS Euro Offroad Series 2012 Finals Round 2

Nope, its not about me. But about Euro Offroad Series 2012!
The finals are today and our swedish drivers have good results in their bags!

First round of EOS we had Oskar Levin and Otto Ausfelt making their best efforts and put in very impressive end results!

Oskar Levin left a fantastic weekend with a 3rd place in 2wd Buggy and a 10th place in 4wd Buggy! Wow, impressive results from a 17 year old!
Otto Ausfelt left also with crazy good results, having 6th place in 2wd Buggy and 4th place in 4wd Buggy!!

round 2 EOS
Oskar qualified 7th this event, a very strong performence if you look at the qualifiers in front we got european champions and worlds finalists and so on!
Otto however didnt have much luck this weekend. He qualified 17th place and i guess he is not happy with this. Hopefully he will put in some really good laps and win the B-Final.

Some high class drivers we got!
Very impressive and i wish them all luck in todays finals for the weekend!



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