SSIC Cup Final!

Hey all!
Yesterday i were in gothenburg to race. It was the final race for 2011-2012 SSIC Cup, and my second race for over a year 😛

A short summary from qualification:
I struggled in the first part of quali with setup where i had to much steering.
So i made the rear a little higher and set 0.5 camber in rear. Also sauced for 40 minutes.
The had the same setup from Karlstad. Without the anti-roll bar the car is much softer, and heightening the rear made the car to roll more so i get a little more grip when turning.

I qualified first.

Finals were very good and i could make a hattrick with 3 wins. It was quite easy and i didnt expect to be so fast to be honest. My car worked ok, after 5 minutes it started to struggle with inconsistent steering. I still used old tires and it worked really well.

It was very fun and the speaker was very funny and proffesional!
I got a ok car and it is very old, 4 years. I will retire this car for next race.
We had a good time but it is time to move on for greater things. Sure i havent used it so much but i have also crashed with quite hard and i think a new car is the way to go. 🙂

Thanks alot everyone for these two latest indoor races! The indoor races are over for this season. It will be back in september again! Now outdoors!

Results 2012:
8th place MSEC Karlstad 25/2
1st place SSIC Gothenburg 03/3
Top Qualifier SSIC 03/3
5th place SSIC Combined Cup Points

Cya! “63”


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