Cody King is the new 1:8 Offroad World Champ!

Hey all!

Whole last week the worlds in Pattaya, Thailand, was running gold!

We all in this buisness watched and followed it! I myself was very excited to see who would become the world champ. Becuse no one have yet claimed 2 world championships back to back. Atsushi Hara was a strong contender when he had TQ(Top Qualifier)for the finals.

But it was Cody King(USA) who had a nice fight with Atsushi Hara(Japan). The fight was amazing and the hype was over its epicness!

The finals was EPIC and hopefully we will see a new epic final 2012!

The competition in RC is so big and you can see here that no one have won twice.

List of past winners in 1:8 Worlds


I also went to my nearest track this sunday(yesterday) And practiced for the Nordic Championships that starts on Friday.

I did practice some laps anti clockwise and we do run clockwise at this track. And i gotta say i am amazed how fast i actually learned it. The track was like new to me.

I also changed my setup a little and it worked very well anti clockwise. And thats what i wanted it to.

So i am very thrilled for the weekend and i have some work to do! Prepare the car well and work on my homework i got for school.

have a nice week!


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