Borås MRK SSIC Race Report!

Hey all!

This weekend i went to Borås to enter the first race of the season. I was very excited to see what improvemnts i have made since i raced last time.

And the result was very much! Of course i need ALOT more training. But i am still learning the car and what changes do what and etc.

At the moment i am at the stage where i feel i have confidence in my driving and feel like i have the controll of whats happening. And thats good!

Friday practice:

I managed to have 2 training runs and to my surprise my last one before i went home was bery good except some lack of concentration. I made some pretty good laps and felt very confident to today.


I started the day with a fast run before the controlled practice. And laso this time it felt good.

The controlled practice went good and i actually felt overconfident becuse i was just dominating my heat.


1: My first heat i was leading for a moment but then i lost concentration for couple of laps. Not good. Probably the effect of to little sleep i had. About 2 hours. 3rd this heat.

2: was even slower.

3: my rear drivebelt got cooked and i managed only one lap.

I wasnt satisfied at all. becuse i felt my 3rd quali would be better than my first one.


1: I started in 7th place and i had 6 cars in front of me. My mission was to win the finals.

The satrt signal goes and i get away very fast. I see that i close up very fast to the man in front of me in the first turn. I cool down and being passive. Then i see some guys crash and i fast take my chance and put my car in 3rd place after 3 corners.

I start chasing the 2nd place man, probably couple of tenths. But then i make a mistake in one corner and i lost my position as i roll the car.

So i end up in 4th this heat.

2:Also this time i take the start. But this time i couldnt pass the man in front as easy as the first time. So i place my car about 2cm behind him and start to stress. Finally he makes a mistake and i pass. Now next target isnt far away. So i start pushing and manage to pick up the pace.

This time i do the same, put on some pressure. But this one was a hard one. he didnt feel any pressure so i wanted for him to make the smallest mistake OFF apex and pass him there. he was pretty robust, but i managed to get away safely anyway.

I ended up 3rd.

3: final was horrible as i got a hit from the man behind and that made it all worse for me. no comment.


I am very satisfied with my day anyway. I didnt win, but i was surprised how good pace i had even when i made that many mistakes. And also this track is very different from my hometrack Wäxjö MS.

Much more braking skills required here and i need to train more.

Despite my much less time with these type of cars i think i made a good job. more experience and more practice and i might make this work alot better.


So thats all for today! I might update later more with pictures and stuff!


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