Big update from my last training sessions!

Hey all!

Sorry for not being active the last 2 weeks or so. I have been busy doing other stuff. But now i have finally tested my new chassis from Exotek, The XR2 Lipo Chassis CF Version.

My first try with it was ok, but i had sauced the tires to long. I added for 20min instead of 10min. But my overall inpression was it got loads of grip! and i liked that 😛

So going home with a best laptime of 9.989 i am pretty satisfied becuse it was my personal best.

Second try was today(sunday) and i gotta say, WOW! I dont know if it is my driving or the car but i did beat my best laptime with 6 tenths of a second! OMG! Thats a huge gap!

I think alot of that gap is becuse i am a better driver now after 2 training sessions. I have taken a huge step forward in my driving and now i am really enjoying to go fast. before i crashed everywhere and now i am driving laptimes between 9.5 and 9.7sec.

I felt so great so i just couldnt stop there! So i finally managed to do a laptime of 9.404! I think that laptime ofcourse can be beaten in the future, but thats when i feel i can handle the braking better.

It was awesome and hopefully i can drive more next sunday and hopefully beat that! Especially in my smoothness.

Thats all folks! Hopefully i can bring my camera next time……

// André   Oh, and my Bodyshell is totally not working anymore………..

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