Summer season rest!

Hey all!

Finally i made a update. Hopefully someone still reads this blog. 😉

Anyway, i got couple days ago a new chassie to my car from Exotek racing. I gotta say the new chassie is alot softer the original chassie.

i think it is about 0,3 mm thinner than the original, and also the width is alot smaller.

The chassie is made for LiPo batteries. I havent had the chance to test the chassie yet, but when i do i will report immediatley.

This is how it looks like with all the parts next to the chassie. The chassie here is prepared for installation. What i did was sandpaper it with about 600 pape. and then i cleaned it with dish soap and then glue it. i gotta say i am satisfied with the result for being the first time i glue a chassies.

Very easy i gotta say, i just unscrewed all screwes and then moved it aside. very easy. Also the electronic parts very amazingly easy to remove.

New chassie to the left, and old one to the right. You cant see the width differences here. But see the different holes, the holes are different from original.

The final wight after added 30g of led. pretty good to be able to mix with the weight placings.

I hope you all enjoyed my small update. The first race for this season is 30/10 2010 at Borås MRK. Hopefully i have a chance training before that race!!

I am at the moment reading for my drivers license.

Have a nice weekend and i will update very soon again!


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