Second time outdoors! Awesome!

Hey all!

Yesterday (sunday) i was visiting Wäxjö MS outdoor track. I havent raced here since 2006 and my second race i ever made was here.

yesterday i drove my 1:10 modified car around track as fastest 16.802 while the fastest 1:10 Nitro for the day was driving 15,9xx. Per-Ola Hard.

Alexander Hagberg was also visiting the track this day, and some of us know he became the Vice-european champion 2009. Impressive! I think he drove about 15.7xx maybe? He was slightly faster than Peo-Hard.

I am very happy with my testresults. only 9 houndreds behind the nitro i think is pretty good becuse it was about 12 degrees outside, so i couldnt really push the car really hard.

and one of my motors broke, a 4,5 motor. The sensorcable got scratched in the asphalt. So i went back to my 5.5 motor. I was way slower than the 4.5. So if i had my 4.5 i might be able to make half a second faster laps with a little better driving combined with that. So id dint have the speed on the straight really and also a bad gear ratio, much to learn! haha.

During the last test for the day i found new lines and learned how the car reacted to some things.

i also did some smaller setup changes. I made the diff a little softer and also i lowerd the car to about 4,5 in front and 5,3 in the rear. seems that made a big difference. besides that, everything is same as indoors.

So a very good day and i am happy with it. to bad i couldnt make a video today either, i was very focused on making good test results.

Until next time, have a nice day!


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